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As we celebrate our 20th year of providing great products to our customers, it is apt to reflect on the challenges we have faced as well as the ones we will face.

As a business we have grown, by listening to our customers and delivering their requirements on time, every time. We see our relationships as a thing to cherish, develop and foster, a mix that will, see it grow with strength and sustainability. Over the years we have never stood still, both in response to our customers’ demands but also through our own business development programs, which have seen heavy investment in business infrastructure as well as talented people.

We see innovation in product and process as our life blood, and we can be proud of creating many firsts within our peer group. We are proud of Chinese roots, it’s the land that made us and allowed us to grow, but now we are a truly global business both geographically, having opened offices in London and Los Angeles, but also in our outlook and attitude towards supply chain integrity, quality assurance and product innovation, we can stand alongside any other business around the world and stand ready to compete in what we know is an ever competitive market.

We welcome this competition, as it benefits the customer, but only if as we do, cut costs not corners. We listen to our customers and provide products that are the right product for the right market and the right price, in a transparent and ethical manner. We are also ethical in the way we conduct other parts of our business, meeting international standards on ethical trading relating to our suppliers employees and the end consumer. For us transparency is the basis of an ethical framework and we continue to drive the agenda in all parts of our business activities.

We hope that you find this website informative and that it gives you a flavor of our business, that will lead you to engage with us, and challenge us to partner with you and develop your business together.


Katayama’s New Factory is under construction in Riverside, California

Katayama USA LLC

Always something new.

Thaifex World of Food ASIA

May 26 – 30, 2020 | Bangkok, Thailand




Thailand has a proud tradition of culinary excellence.



Lebanon, at the crossroads of history for millennia.



Mexico has long developed its own distinctive cuisine.


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