Katayama is proudly global with its roots firmly secured in Shandong province, North East China. Our vision is to create food innovation that is out of the ordinary, based on five elements that the Chinese believe make up the essence of life.

We hope you can partner us on our journey around the world of inspired authentic ingredients. Inspire and delight your customers and consumers alike.

The 5 elements that make up Katayama


Our products are what the earth makes them. All of our products are carefully grown by partner growers who comply with the highest global standards of agronomy, and who understand the criticality of the quality of the soil and water feeds and nurtures our fantastic crops.

All our products are fully traceable to farm and we ensure that all our growers comply with our exacting in house standards developed to meet and exceed the standards demanded of UK, US and European supermarkets.

We can also offer Organic products.


Our processing plant is accredited to supply UK and European supermarkets. We constantly strive to improve and do things better, faster and more economically, the benefits of which we share with our valued clients.

The strongest metal is that which bends with the elements. Our processing unit works in harmony with our other four elements responding quickly and positively to challenges. You can count on us to support your growth plans however ambitious.

Food Safety & Quality

Food safety is about protecting your brand and our reputation, and we don’t take this burden lightly. Too many brands and reputations have been overwhelmed by food related safety issues. With Katayama you can trust that your precious brand is safe.

‘Quality’ means different things to different people. Katayama understand this all too well and ensure that like water, our quality agenda is fluid and can be shaped to suit your growing business.


Innovation is the fire that powers our engine. Without it we are just another “me too” manufacturer. That’s why we invest so much in what new do. However, like fire, innovation needs direction and harnessing and we have a proven track record of developing both unilaterally and with our customers, products that contribute to the global food innovation agenda, providing exciting authentic flavors to an ever more food trend conscious global consumer.

Customer Service

We never take our customers’ future or present for granted. We understand that one approach does not fit all and we ensure that we support the needs of our customers as they grow and develop. We believe customer service is not just about responding to the now, but also anticipating future needs ensuring, like a tree, we grow strong and sustainably together to ensure we can weather anything the future holds.

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