Regional Food in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta

The cultural and economic capital of Vietnam is a big bustling city with a few region dishes that you’ll want to try while you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. With such great fresh ingredients on hand the foods of the south are heavy with fresh vegetables, herbs, meats and seafood. Even the Pho here is different from the original Pho of Northern Vietnam with much more fresh ingredients like bean sprouts and fresh herbs. Seafood and food from the Mekong waterways such as catfish feature heavily in Southern Vietnam.

Hoi An and Central Vietnam

Hoi An is a thriving tourist town with a long history of different cultures that have over time put their touch into both the town and its culinary journey. From the Chinese, Japanese and the Vietnamese each group have added to the benefit of food in Hoi An. Here you will find several dishes that are not only local to Hoi An but you won’t be able to either make or buy outside of Hoi An. Cau Lao noodles are the greatest example as they can only be made from water from Balle Well located in Hoi An.

Hanoi and Northern Vietnam

With its close proximity to China the foods in Northern Vietnam and Hanoi take a lot from its northern neighbour. The French also played a large part in the food culture of Vietnam. Vietnam’s most famous dish, Pho originated in Hanoi and northern Vietnam and while the exact origin isn’t written down it has been said it was influenced by the French dish pot au feu ‘Pot on the fire’. A French version of a hearty stew with beef bones and other ingredients not unlike Pho. Northern Vietnam doesn’t have the climate and the fresh ingredients of the south and this is reflected in what foods you’ll find up in Hanoi and the north.