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      • Cooking Ingredients Essentials

        For a Well-Stocked Kitchen, Red Chill Flakes, Celery Flakes, and Black pepper are most commonly used. Visit our Product Page to find out more other spices.

      • Katayama in an Exhibition Mall

        Chopped Garlic Crashed Garlic Minced Garlic Garlic in Brine Garlic Chili Paste Garlic in Chili Brine

      • A simple dinner

        Katayama Offers Different Types of Spices Every Kitchen Needs

      • Valentine’s Day Dinner

        Enjoy a Valentine's Dinner with your love one. Seasoning the dishes with Katayama food ingredients enhances the flavor of your food.

      • Happy New Year 2021!

        We are excited to welcome 2021, and we wish everyone stay safe and healthy. Due to Covid-19, most people stay home. It's actually a good time to master your cooking skill and make new dishes with Katayama seasoning

      • Happy Thanksgiving

        Katayama Wishes Every One Stay Warm & Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

      • Cooking a steak with Katayama Ingredients

        Steak is naturally flavorful. You can simply use salt and pepper to bring out the flavor. Before you cook the steak,  Step 1: Season the steak in advance (Of course, if you want your steak to have more flavor, you [...]

      • What are the benefits of garlic?

        Garlic (Allium sativum), is used widely as a flavoring in cooking, but it has also been used as a medicine throughout ancient and modern history; it has been taken to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. [...]

      • Shop Online for Spices, Herbs, Seasoning, Salt & More!

        Katayama offers high quality spices and seasonings, and our products should be easy to buy, extremely fresh and nicely packages.

      • Katayama is building a new factory in the US

        We are proud to announce our new factory is being developed in Riverside, California, USA. We expect the construction will be done in 2023.